Monday, July 8, 2013

A Sample Facebook App using Facebook C Sharp SDK

In previous tutorial of this series, we learnt the basics of Facebook C# SDK and how do we implement it in our website. Now let's move further and create something meaningful out of it. If you haven't tried Facebook C# SDK before, it's strongly recommended that to go through the previous tutorial.

Recap of the last article:
  • Creating and configuring Facebook App
  • Setting up Facebook C# SDK
  • Getting User Access Token
  • Obtaining User Email and Friend List
Continuing from where we left off i.e getting friend list, let's move further and obtain some more user information and more importantly get our hands dirty with POST actions available through Graph API.

To explain the various Graph API GET and POST actions, we will try to develop a real world app for better understandability.

I didn't put much pressure on my mind, and got an idea for a stupid, simple app that's already been developed by many on Facebook - Finding which sports star is the user. (Not too much realistic :P but will do for this tutorial)

Here's the design view for our app: