Thursday, November 14, 2013

Complete Guide to Windows 8.1

Window 8.1, the next big thing for PC after Windows 8, was made globally available by Microsoft on 18th October. It's a free upgrade for the users of Windows 8 RT and Pro.

Should I get one?

If running Windows 8 - You should upgrade (period) If you had digested Windows 8, then you won't have any hiccups in Windows 8.1. It's free, introduces a few new features and most importantly fixes a lot of discrepancies of Windows 8. Also, if you love the beauty of Windows 8 then Windows 8.1 is a cherry on the cake.

If not running Windows 8 - Windows 8.1 doesn't change anything in the base idea. The small tweaks may or may not change your perception depending on the feature you hate. Perhaps, $120 might not be worth spending.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Full Specs & Price of All Products Announced at IFA 2013

Both Samsung and Sony made some major announcements at IFA 2013 today. Samsung proved all the rumors right while Sony had some surprising things to show off. Here are the full specifications of the major products showcased today.

Products revealed at IFA 2013

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Complete Guide to Android 4.3

Android 4.3: An even sweeter Jelly Bean.

Google announced an update to the Android OS with a new Nexus 7 in a not so hyped press conference on 24th July 2013. Here's everything you need to know.

Monday, July 8, 2013

A Sample Facebook App using Facebook C Sharp SDK

In previous tutorial of this series, we learnt the basics of Facebook C# SDK and how do we implement it in our website. Now let's move further and create something meaningful out of it. If you haven't tried Facebook C# SDK before, it's strongly recommended that to go through the previous tutorial.

Recap of the last article:
  • Creating and configuring Facebook App
  • Setting up Facebook C# SDK
  • Getting User Access Token
  • Obtaining User Email and Friend List
Continuing from where we left off i.e getting friend list, let's move further and obtain some more user information and more importantly get our hands dirty with POST actions available through Graph API.

To explain the various Graph API GET and POST actions, we will try to develop a real world app for better understandability.

I didn't put much pressure on my mind, and got an idea for a stupid, simple app that's already been developed by many on Facebook - Finding which sports star is the user. (Not too much realistic :P but will do for this tutorial)

Here's the design view for our app:

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Complete Guide to JFileChooser

The JFileChooser Swing component let's users explore files on their system. It provides a GUI similar to Windows Explorer found in Windows or Nautilus in Ubuntu. It allows users to navigate through their file system and choose the desired file/directory.
You can use a JFileChooser to open or save files from/to a location which is chosen by the user. Here's a complete guide explaining the use of JFileChooser and it's important properties.

Before we begin, one important thing to note is that JFileChooser is a modal dialog. Whenever a modal dialog is displayed the program execution is paused until an action occurs on the user part. For Ex:

System.out.println("I have to WAIT until an action by the user");

Let us begin with a simple application scenario where you want to display the user's picture on your app's form. Here's the design view of the sample app we gonna develop.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Google+ Comments for Blogger Blogs

Google launched Google+ comments for Blogger blogs today. Facebook often forgets that Google has more to copy than they could from Google+ :P. It's clear from the design and features that the idea comes from Facebook comments. As of now it's only for Blogger blogs, but it's obvious that it will be opened to all other blogging platforms and websites as the Google+ API grows.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Render CSS3 Properties in IE using CSS3 PIE

Every one has a main problem while using CSS3 properties and the problem is Internet Explorer 8 and lower version won't support it and many users still uses Internet Explorer 8. Not only 8 they many of them also uses 6,7 as well as 9. Here in this post, i'll introduce a great framework which will allow few CSS3 properties to work in Internet Exploer 6 and higher versions. 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Integrating Facebook in ASP Website using C# SDK

If you like it or hate it, you can't get away with the fact that Facebook is present all over the web. Whether it's a complex web application or just a news blog, every site uses Facebook for driving traffic. Integrating your web app or website with Facebook is easy and free. Apart from driving traffic to your site it also makes your web site more social and tailored for the users. You can access user's data from Facebook to simplify or eliminate your own user registration process. If you have a website you can use Facebook C# SDK for integrating Facebook within your website/web application.

Creating a Facebook App
First of all we need to create an app through which the website will connect with users.
  1. Visit and click on 'Create New App'.
  2. Fill in the desired App Name and Namespace. Remember these must be unique.
  3. On the basic settings page look for 'Select how your app integrates with Facebook' section and choose 'Website with Facebook Login'.
  4. In the Site URL field, enter your site address. I am working locally, so I added http://localhost:8779/ (Don't forget to put a trailing '/').
Note: Facebook keeps changing the developer interface. So, may be when you're reading this post you have to go through a different set of steps while a creating a new app and configuring it.
Create a new Facebook App

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Designing Bubble Comment Box using CSS and HTML

In this article we are going to create a well Designed Bubble Comment Box. Bubble comment boxes are very useful for making your site's comment boxes look more attractive. Most of mobile chat application uses bubble comment boxes for showing conversation, not only mobile also most of web chat applications also use the same. In this article you will get full guidance for creating it.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Gmail: Tap your finger ring to log in

Passwords are Mystery and Google wants to make it a history. No, they are not developing any third party app to manage your passwords, they want to replace it completely.
In a research by the search giant, the firm's security experts are experimenting with USB keys, mobile phones and even jewelery that can act as a physical key to give users access to their accounts.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Blackberry Java Development: Working with Dialogs

Like me, if you moved to Blackberry Development after having experience on some other platform, you might find yourself a little out of resources or maybe much more than little. In iOS or Android or even Windows Phone you could find resources and tutorials on everything ranging from creating a button to a high-end game. But in case of Blackberry you would quickly realize there is nothing more than just API references and insufficient docs. Just to make a simple thing work you will have to dig deeper into support forums with no guarantee for an answer. One such aspect is Dialogs, as Blackberry docs only provide a picture of the type of Dialog and best practices relating to it and no where they state how to work with them. So, here's simple guide to different types of dialogs in Blackberry.