Saturday, August 25, 2012

Google vs Microsoft vs Apple: The Battle of EcoSystems

This is just another technological phase or am I right in assuming that this is the one of the biggest battles in history of consumer electronics. Few years back Apple was afraid of Microsoft and Microsoft was afraid of Google. But now it seems that Google has become that Big Brother in this tech world and have gone against it's own slogan "Don't Be Evil". Now, Apple seems to be afraid of them and Microsoft has just started to frighten them.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Creating a REAL Splash Screen in Java using NetBeans IDE

Two weeks earlier, I posted an article on how to Create a Splash Screen in Java using NetBeans IDE that showed how to convert a animated gif into a splash screen for your java app. But some readers asked that it was not what they were looking and they want to learn how to create a real splash screen and I think by real they meant showing a progress bar while they load some resources in the background (make their app ready to use). So here I am with the video tutorial for the same.