Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Google Hacks 3: Revealing Secrets

Using the Advanced Search Tips you can have the information which you are not supposed to. Information which should be protected is very often publicly available, revealed by careless or ignorant users.

Disclaimer:- This post is totally intended for educational purpose and does not in anyway encourage hacking. I will not be responsible for what you do with this information. The only intention of this post is to point out security flaws, so that you can make sure your own websites are safe over the network.

Index Of - A webserver with Index browsing enabled means anyone can browse the webserver directories like ordinary local directories. So this means that you can even get a hold of some sensitive information.
Try these queries can help you to search for secrets-
Index of /admin
Index of /passwd
Index of /mail
"Index of /" +passwd
"Index of /" +password.txt
"Index of /secret"
"Index of /confidential"
"Index of /root"
"Index of /cgi-bin"
"Index of /credit-card"
"Index of /logs"
"Index of /config"

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Samsung Omnia W i8350: First Mango Device

Update: This phone is discontinued by Samsung and is totally replaced by the new Omnia M. However you can read the review for comparison or if you willing to purchase it online.

World's first WP7.5(mango) phone is here in India first showing Samsung commitment towards India. Samsung is really taking the market away from others brands by providing different OSs phones.
Samsung Omnia W

Monday, October 10, 2011

Google Hacks - 2: Advanced Search Tips

After having fun with Google Search now it's time to get the right information that you were looking for.

Searching for information on the internet is interesting, fun and enlightening. Keywords are an important feature of the search process.
Here are some tips to help you find what you need using keywords.

Search Keywords
AND - Use AND to find all instances of both words used together.
eg- Type Google AND hacks to find web pages that contain both the words Google and Hacks

OR - Use OR to find documents containing one of the two words.
eg- Type roses OR flowers to find the word roses or flowers.

NEAR - Use NEAR to find web pages that contain the second word within 50 words of first word. When you use NEAR, the closer the word occur to each other, the higher the page will appear in the search results.
eg- Search Google NEAR hacks to find all pages that have hacks within 50 words of Google.

Double quotes("") - To search for a exact wording or phrase, use double quotes.
eg- "Google hacking is fun" will result pages that contain this exact phrase.